Play the City

We developed a series of projects based on the idea that gaming is an effective way of involving the various stakeholders in understanding the specific challenges of urban city life.  We used illustration and games as tools of awareness, to increase involvement in urban planning and to facilitate the understanding of cities as complex systems.



We designed and produced a boardgame summarizing specific mechanisms of urban planning in Bucharest. Habitat stimulates critical thinking and imagination about development options of Bucharest.

boardgame Habitat

Illustrious Bucharest

We produced an urban situations guide in which we explored the causes, connections and possible solutions to the challenges faced by Bucharest. The guide uses playful language and graphics to illustrate improper urban situations.

Tanti Aglae


We proposed a friendly public consultation on issues concerning the administration of Bucharest. The developed methods can be found in the mobile pavilion – called Urboteca.

Urboteca van

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